Standards:Storage and Use of the Network

For all users on the Business & Finance Network

Employees should receive a copy of this policy.
Acceptable Use is In compliance with University of Nebraska Executive Memorandum 16.

Shared Computing Services uses a single domain model, known as a network cluster, (a group of computers that are administered as one unit with common rules and procedures) for the Business & Finance network. Several servers are used as file and application servers to manage our network resources. A file server is a computer and storage device dedicated to storing files. This is where your files and folders are located. An application server works as a translator that handles all application operations between browser?based computers and a department’s business applications or databases.

The Network

All users have storage for their commonly used files, folders, etc. on the network. Below is a list of the drives ALL users on the Business & Finance network have available to them. Other drives may exist for you and/or your department for specialized needs.

Used for storing files that are commonly used within your department. This drive is accessible to only the users in your department. AKA: Common drive
Used for storing files and folders. This drive is accessible only to you via your logon to the network. AKA: My Documents
Used to temporarily store files for your personal, departmental, or campus-wide use within Business & Finance. (e.g. Share a document between two departments while working on a group project, download pictures from a digital camera for use in documentation, or transfer a file from one department to another.)

Standards on Storage and Use of the Network
In compliance with University of Nebraska Executive Memorandum 16.

  1. You may store business-related document, spreadsheets, personal databases and such on the network. You will not be allowed to store personal pictures, games, non-work related documents or MP3 music files on the network. These files take up valuable space needed for business documents.
  2. Folder size for the I:drive must not exceed 100 Megabytes (or 100 Mb) of space per user to guarantee adequate space for all users. That’s 10,048,576 bytes or just less than 69 floppy disks of space. This limitation may be adjusted in the future if needed.
  3. Files stored on the network (H, I and P drives) can be restored in the case of accidental deletion or hardware malfunction as these files are backed-up (copied to a second medium such as a disk or tape). However, files stored locally on the C:Hard-drive of your computer cannot be retrieved; therefore, it is strongly recommended that you store all files in one of the network drives mentioned above.
  4. The P:Public drive is a TEMPORARY storage area that is accessible to all departments of Business & Finance. All files will be deleted within 60 days from when they are first posted to the drive. The only exception is the Images Folder, which will remain permanently and contain graphics and images for use by all departments of Business & Finance, and the McAfee Folder, which has the latest virus scan updates.

In compliance with University of Nebraska Executive Memorandum 26.

There is a strong emphasis on network security at the University. Login attempts by unauthorized users to gain access to our system are reported to the Police. In conjunction with these standards, the following standards have been implemented for your login.

  1. All passwords must be no less than five characters in length. We recommend that you make your password as unique as possible by including special characters such as *, % or # or a combination of alpha and numeric characters (i.e. grad87). Avoid using common names and easily guessed passwords such as your dog’s name.
  2. Passwords will expire every 90 days. The network will keep a history of the past six passwords you’ve used, so passwords will need to be unique and cannot be recycled.

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